Announcing the worldwide digital release of...


Maison Vague
Synthpop's Alive

Synthpop's Alive
Pixelated Lover
My Situation
Tunnel Vision
Give Them Away
Buried In Sandstone
We're Not Human
Colored Glasses
No Show
Living On Ice Cream

Keyboards, Vocals and Drum Machines - Clark Stiefel
Bass - Ken Rich (Tunnel Vision and Colored Glasses)
Guitar - The Virtual Galt™ (Colored Glasses)

Written and produced by Clark Stiefel / Maison Vague
Recorded and mixed by Clark Stiefel, Stiefel Musik Studios, Essen, Germany
Mastered by Ken Rich, Grand Street Recording, Brooklyn, New York

Cover design by Thomas Espinosa

Special thanks to:
Tommaso De Donatis, Troy "Atom" Frank, Van Stiefel and Paolo Di Nicolantonio
for their golden ears and generous hearts.

This recording is dedicated to Mu-Yi Kuo and An-Li Stiefel
without whose unconditional love and support it could never have happened.

About the album:
Building upon the early works of synthpop masters such as Gary Numan and Vince Clarke,
Synthpop's Alive, the debut album by the electro pop band Maison Vague, adds a new twist
to an old style. Employing vintage late 70s / early 80s analog keyboard synthesizers
alongside cutting edge digital technology, with witty and oftentimes ironical lyrics relevant
to life in the 21st century, this collection of songs reflects an eclectic blend of musical
influences, distilled and molded into synthpop form, resulting in a unique sound.

Synthpop’s Alive is available worldwide as a digital download
at Amazon, Spotify, and many other online music shops.